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About Us

Welcome to the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry – the premiere Chamber in Chester County!

As a “chamber of influence” and the largest Chamber in Chester County, we serve as the voice for business on local, state and federal level issues that impact business. Our programs are as diverse as our membership.


The mission of the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry is to be a member-driven chamber of influence, providing effective connections that enhance advocacy, business development and community investment in the Chester County area and the surrounding region.


The vision of the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry is to be the premier “voice of business” acting as a catalyst for economic prosperity and to be the developer of tomorrow’s business and community leaders.


Our chamber is known for the quality and prestige of its events.

- CCCBI hosts various signature events focusing on networking, recognizing, and championing community leaders, small businesses, and women influencing business.

- In addition, we host free monthly networking happy hours, as well as education roundtables and seminars on various topics pertaining to the state of business, nonprofit management, and community engagement.

- 2023 saw an increase of 1500 attendees at various events.



Developing our workforce and helping our businesses to succeed through education, networking, and connecting is at the heart of the organization.

- The Chester County Chamber Foundation’s Youth Leadership Program seeks to recognize, cultivate, and support the next generation of leaders in Chester County.

- High school juniors and seniors are given the opportunity to grow with their peers from several different schools, visit businesses across industries, and hear directly from professionals in the workforce.

- 2023 saw nearly 70 students from 12 different schools across Chester County with 10 program days throughout the school year at local businesses, such as: Wawa HQ, DFT Inc Manufacturing, Bryn Mawr Rehab and more.



CCCBI sends a weekly email to our membership, which includes upcoming CCCBI and community events, what’s happening at the Chamber, a legislative update, and a member of the week. Our social media platforms are engaged heavily by members and nonmembers alike.

- Our email list has 8,000 subscribed contacts with an open rate of almost 30% (!)

- CCCBI has almost 10,000 followers across 4 social media platforms, with an average of 6% engagement rate (LinkedIn has an engagement rate of 16%!)

- 2023 impressions across social media hit close to 400,000



The mission of the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry (CCCBI) is to be a member-driven advocate for pro-business and pro-growth policy.

- CCCBI relies on its relationships with elected officials, other chambers across the state, and our community partners to advocate for issues affecting YOUR business

- Our efforts to stimulate economic growth center around the ability to attract and retain residents in order to build the labor force and innovative industries. CCCBI continues to support legislation with the intent to improve the tax structure and reform current regulation to be more streamlined and transparent for businesses. In addition, CCCBI has focused

advocacy efforts on workforce development issues, such as housing, responsible development, address the childcare crisis, and public transportation, to attract and retain Chester County’s vibrant economy and spur economic growth.



The best way to get involved with the Chamber is by joining one of our committees! CCCBI has curated strong leadership for several of its committees and programs, with many of our committees seeing extensive growth in 2023.

As we grow our Chamber, we will continue working to increase the ROI of the Chamber, hosting exciting and memorable events, advocating for more business policy, providing more communication from the Chamber and more.


The Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry is committed to the development and success of our business community.

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